What is Near Field Communications?

Shopping or visiting restaurants is part of everyday life. Many who have a smart phone will notice that they can now pay by simply using their phone. A local coffee chain can simply scan the phone and deduct the money right from a card. Of course, this will require some set up on the cellular phone owner’s part; but this technology saves a lot of time.

The cashless society scares some people, but others embrace it. Near field communications, otherwise known as NFC, is allowing people to do data exchanges between two devices just centimeters apart. The wireless connection is allowing people to do simple transactions, like paying for coffee, without even carrying a wallet.

Most smartphones already have the technology build right in them. The NFC chip has the ability to send data to a reader, such as the one right beside a cash register. By simply waving the phone in front of the reader at the cash register, the purchase can instantly be paid. For some, it may be disconcerting that personal information can be so easily accessed. Many people embrace NFC's convenience to make transactions.

The cell phone owners have to go in and set up the NFC specifics. They will need to link a credit card to the account. So, a day of shopping can be a breeze with cell phone in hand and purse or wallet left at home. This can reduce the number of lost purses or theft because cash or credit cards can be locked in the car or somewhere else.

This is not altogether a new technology. It has been around since 2004 and is now gaining interest. There are currently 130 different countries using these services. In America, it probably will not be long until this becomes a way of life. Just like an extra added security, the phone can be shut down if it is stolen and the credit card it uses would be blocked.

NFC technology is in most cell phones and other applications and has been since 2002. While we are just beginning to use it, the sky is the limit. With the number of people concerned about carrying cash and concerned about identify theft, things like this can be beneficial in helping to stop crime. Tablet computers and smart phones alike can make transactions such as paying for food or services. They are also being able to be used as a key card or even identification.

While Near Field Communication is definitely a promising technology, it is one that is here to stay. NFC also has the ability to shares songs, videos, and applications when it is paired with Bluetooth devises. The technology will only make our lives more simplistic and allow for an extra measure of security and convenience while going about everyday life.