What Is A QR Code?

QR codes are popping up everywhere. It is common place to see them on advertisements, or on signs in restaurants, in magazines or just about anywhere one goes. However, many people really do not know that what they are seeing is actually called a QR code. These are the new bar codes that can be scanned by a smartphone. The code is a two-dimensional square found on an advertisement. Inside the code are links that can only be read by a smart phone. When a phone scans this code, it will take them directly to that page, or wherever the bar code is directing them. While this is rather new technology to the United States, it has been used in Japan for over a decade. They are part of everyday life in Japan and commonly used as normal business practices.

QR stands for' Quick Response', due to the speed at which a cellular phone can read this code. Once a person scans this bar code, it can give the user instant information about the business or product being advertised. New technology is allowing people to view trailers for movies not yet in the theaters, right from their smartphone. Another wave of marketing is giving coupons by simply scanning the QR. The consumer can be directed to a page where the coupons are being given away. It can be given to a select number, or to anyone who visits the site.

Even though using QR codes is a recent the United States, statistics show that is it growing in popularity. According to a study done this year by the Spar Code Company, 33% of I Phones are currently using this technology. Those using Android and Blackberry phones are using them about 28%. So while the QR is still unknown to many cell phone users, soon retailers can make the offers too good to refuse using this service.

The bar codes that came out in the 80’s required a bulky scanner to read them. These are the bar codes that are still used in grocery stores today, although modernized. However, with these new inventive codes, a cell phone can simply scan and relay the information quickly. What the bar code did for retail outlets in the 80's, the QR code will do for advertising in today's era.

If people have a cell phone now, they can just download a QR code reader from the Internet. It will take approximately a minute to download this application. Once the reader is installed, smart phone users can enjoy the perks of being able to read QR codes. It will open a whole new world of possibility. As we are currently on the leading edge of this technology, the sky is the limit to where it will go.