What are URL Shorteners?

When dealing with mobile marketing, one term that might come up is URL shorteners. Basically, sending out a URL is providing a link for someone to click. This routes them back to the sender’s page. This URL link is embedded into an SMS message used for advertising. When sending out these messages, a text message has limited characters. There are websites that marketers can go to have their URL shortened. This shortened URL will still get people to the same site, but takes up less space in the SMS or mobile message.

Many consumers may think there is not benefit to a shorter URL; however, they are easier to remember because they are shorter in length. They also are easier to remember because they have fewer characters. Trying to tell someone a URL over the phone might be misunderstood or even copied wrong. With a smaller URL, there leaves less room for error. We all have typed a website address over and over and still did not get it right. That is because when there are many characters, there is room for error. There are many free websites that will shorten any URL for a business. The service will continue the relationship between the two links and will pass on anyone who visits the short URL to the longer URL page.

One of the reasons that the smaller URLs have become popular is Twitter. This website will only allow 140 characters, making it hard to post a URL which can be up to 100 characters. The new, shorter URL’s are never more than 20 characters. Because they are shorter, they are perfect for social media usage. Here are some reasons why businesses and consumers should use shorter URL’s:

1. The links are easier to manage. With them being only 20 characters, it is easy to share and spread the word. When they are over 100 characters, it leaves too much room for error.

2. These URLs easier to track. They allow businesses to compile data based on the people who are clicking on them. They can use these demographics to track and monitor the comings and goings on their site.

3. Using shorter URLs allow people to successfully transfer them to social media outlets. Social media outlets are being used by businesses more frequently. This just makes linking it to a site easier.

Though some may not like using the shorter URLs, having a presence in the social media make it necessary. Any tool to help consumers be directed to the business owner’s page is helpful. Whatever methods used is for the benefit of the customers and attracting more customers is what social marketing is all about.