Using Internet Mobile Marketing In Today’s Businesses?

Mobile marketing has developed an increased presence into today’s society. SMS marketing or Short Message Service is on the rise in America. In other parts of the world, it began as early as the year 2000. Parts of Asia and Europe began collecting information, including mobile phone numbers, to use for advertising. By collecting these numbers, the business owner can send out messages or content via text to cell phones. The average text message is read within the first five minutes of receipt. This makes them popular and a great avenue for reasonable advertising.

The presence of SMS marketing has drastically picked up in the past few years. Today, messages can contain Multimedia Message Service. Most cell phones made today have color technology and can view a message including images, video, or even audio. This makes this a profitable avenue to get the message out without a big cost.

To use this method of advertising, one needs to have a short code. Short codes are simply 6 digit numbers needed to market to the mobile phones. They are very costly and can run up to $1,000 a month. If a business is on the smaller size, they may actually share a short code with another business in an effort to cut costs. There are ways to get around using the short codes.

Many may view the mobile marketing to be spam and do not like it. It can be intrusive and can also be overwhelming. When different businesses ask for phone numbers, they can actually sell them to third party vendors who may use them for mobile advertising. There are two organizations which govern the mobile marketing area. They are the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Mobile Marketing Association. Both oversee mobile marketing and have set guidelines which must be followed.

Mobile marketing is a legitimate means to advertise and is accepted in most parts of the world. Because it is not being done over the Internet, via email, there are different guidelines and they seem to be a little more lax than some would like. Mobile marketing is something that is definitely here to stay. Done in the right capacity, it can be a valuable tool that has little cost associated with the millions of people it can reach.