How Near Field Communications Will Change How We Pay For Things?

The very way that consumers shop and pay for purchases will be changing in the very near future. While rumors have been circulating for a while about Near Field Technology, the rumors are now a reality. Traditionally, paying for a purchase requires the consumer to swipe the credit card or enter the number manually. Using NFC technology, consumers will be able to pay for their purchases without every carrying a wallet or a purse. If you think it sounds too good to be true, it is now possible.

Many people do not even carry cash with them because of the potential dangers of being robbed or losing it. The same goes with credit cards, because many people leave most at home and usually carry one. NFC technology allows two devises to communicate using RFID or radio frequency identification. To most consumers, simply swiping their phone in front of a reader sounds futuristic; but it is actually happening in many stores across the country now. The smart phone can pay for the purchase in a flash. The NFC chip communicates with the payment processor at the store. The money will be deducted from the credit card the phone holder set up.

NFC technology has been something that we have been moving toward for years. However, in the past two years, consumers have really caught on this modern convenience. This transformation will not occur all at once, because many do not have the technology on their phones, or simply do not want it. For some, fear of the unknown may make them reluctant to use it.

Many people may wonder if this whole process is even necessary. Do we really need to be able to make payments from a phone? While some see the benefits in this, others wills see a plethora of new problems. No matter what technology is created, there is the probability for risks. One of the positive sides to this new wave of technology is that it will save us time and money. For instance, in times past, people had to run home to check emails or surf the web. Now, people can simply pull their cellular phone from their pocket and take care of business, anytime and anywhere. The ability to pay a utility bill from the road or online is one of the benefits. One would think that it would be progression to be able to pay for purchases with their phones as well.

It could easily be said that convenience is the main driving factor behind the new NFC technology. The other concerns of using such innovative technology would be the security aspects. Because of all the sensitive information being stored in the cell phone, falling into the wrong hands could be detrimental. With new technology will come new security measures. Consumers will need to make sure they are up to date on security steps and makes sure their information remains private.

In general we have just touched the surface of the Near Field Communications abilities. In the near future, it will be a big part of everyday life as we know it.